Concrete Floor Grinders For Sale

Concrete Floor Grinders For Sale

How To Install A Concrete Floor Grinders Reducer

Before installing the Concrete Floor Grinders reducer, it is necessary to install the bottom plate and fill the epoxy resin under the bottom plate. First clean the bottom paint and debris, check its smoothness and whether there are any defects such as impact.

Then start the installation. First, use a sufficiently heavy hydraulic steam crane to directly lift the reducer position, and then use the hydraulic jack to adjust it to the specifications. Place a certain thickness of I-beam on the motor base and flatten it. Spot-weld I-beams can be spot welded at non-essential locations. A sufficient number of rollers with a diameter greater than 68mm must be placed on the surface. The surface must be smooth. Use a hinged tool to pull the reducer onto the base of the reducer, align all the bolt holes, and lift the reducer out of the roller with a hydraulic jack. Put down the reducer again, and check the clearance of the contact surface with a feeler. The larger clearance should not exceed 0.05mm. After adjusting the position and clearance of the reducer, install the positioning pin. In this way, the installation of the vertical mill Concrete Floor Grinders reducer is completed.

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