Checking stock with purchase order

While using sales contract, a purchase tracking clerk checks the models and quantity of Ultrafine Mill and spares, to make certain correspondence in the purchase order as well as the goods preparation.

Quality inspection before equipment delivery out of factory

When completed in the manufacturing of Ultrafine Mill, the conventional inspector strictly checks company's equipment while using listing for every incompliance while using needs.

Checking items with packing list again

Before packaging and shipment, an order tracking clerk checks the Ultrafine Mill packaged products again using the packing list to prevent excess or lack of products.

Ultrafine Mill

Transporting out a mining equipment, the Ultrafine Mill could be the core equipment to refine the ore particles. At the moment, A&C has mainly developed ball mill, European crude powder mill and pressure roll mill etc. which have effectively ensured the fineness inside the final product conforms for your ore option for next phase and basically satisfies the wedding curiosity about ore enterprises.


Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill industry formerly few years ongoing to slump, china Raymond Mill tool market needs have altered significantly, the whole demand significantly reduced demand structure, etc.

Ultrafine Mill

Since 2013, China is among the most world’s largest industrial Ultrafine Mill application market, for four consecutive years reelection Ultrafine Mill sales in the world, etc.

Ore Milling Equipment

2011-2015, China’s Ore Milling Equipment manufacturing industry within the primary industry’s primary profits from 66,423,141 million yuan to 82,650.8 billion yuan, etc.